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Scintillion Volume 9, Number 2
The Advanced Imaging Conference is a non-profit organization managed by an all-volunteer, non-compensated board of astrophotography enthusiasts. Subscribe
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The AIC Board of Directors
R. Jay GaBany
Ken Crawford
Frank Barnes III
Warren Keller
Keith Allred
Bob Fera
Chris Murray
Rob Chapman
Jim Goodenough
AIC 2015 Sponsors
Astronomy Magazine
BoldlyGo Institute
DC3 Dreams
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Sierra Remote Observatories
Sky & Telescope
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Woodland Hills Camera and Telescope

AIC 2015 Vendors
Astrodon Imaging
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Atik Cameras
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Texas Nautical Repair

AIC 2017 Announced

San Jose Convention Center
San Jose Convention Center
Almost immediately following the successful conclusion of AIC 2015, the board of directors began negotiations to secure space at the San Jose Convention Center for the next meeting. Unfortunately, the only dates available during this year's fall season were in the month of December, shortly before Christmas.

Following several more weeks of discussions with both the venue and the adjacent hotel properties, an agreement was finally reached to hold the next conference on Friday, September 29 through Sunday, October 1, 2017 at the downtown San Jose Convention Center where AIC 2015 took place.

As with AIC 2015, the 2017 conference will include 20 or more workshops by many of the world's leading practitioners of deep space, planetary, cometary, solar and TWAN-style imaging. A huge number of manufacturers, retailers and service providers will also participate in the West Coast's largest astronomical exhibition. Special discounted hotel rates, meals and a special event at the nearby IMAX Dome theater will also be included.

The meeting's agenda, speakers, prices and opening dates for pre-registration will be announced in a future edition of the AIC Scintillion Newsletter later this year.

Send Images of May 2016 Celestial Events to AIC

May 2016 is one of the most exciting astronomical months of this year. Not one, but two, significant and rare alignments occur during over the next few weeks giving both planetary and solar astrophotographers a busy schedule...

Mercury Transit
Mercury Transit Visibility
First, on May 9, the solar transit of the planet Mercury will be observable from most of the world. During a transit, Mercury is seen as a tiny black dot moving slowly in an East-to-West direction across the Sun. The 2016 transit commences on May 9th at 11:12 UT and ends later that same day at 18:42 UT, with mid-transit taking place at 14:57 UT. The planet crosses the Sun in a North-east to South-west direction, as opposed to a South-east to North-west direction at the previous transit in November 2006. The next two Mercury transits will take place on November 11th, 2019 and November 13th, 2032.

Mars Closest Approach
Image Credit: Stellarium
Next, the planet Mars and Earth will have the closest approach since 2005 when the red planet reaches opposition on May 22. During this year's apparition, Mars will be near perihelion while Earth will be approaching aphelion. As a result, the red planet will appear to be about 18.6" in diameter.

Email your images of these exciting events to AIC and we will feature them in a web site gallery on our web site and publish the best pictures in our next AIC Scintillion newsletter. Just attach your high quality JPG or TIF file and email it to Full credit for each image will be provided.

AIC 2015 Presentations and Videos are Available On-line

AIC 2015 Presentations
11 presentations and over 17 hours of live workshop and general session videos are now available for download or streaming by attendees of the 2015 conference at the AIC 2015 archive.

To access this treasury of information, you will need to log on using the email address you submitted with your 2015 registration and the following case sensitive password: 2015AICConference

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