Advanced Imaging Conference
2010 Pleiades Award Recipient
Rogelio Bernal Andreo

Born in Spain, but living in the United States for over 20 years, Rogelio commenced producing astronomical photographs only three years ago. However, during the last 24 months, his work has graced the APOD web page an unprecedented 13 times (seven in 2010 alone!), been featured in numerous astronomy publications, showcased in planetarium presentations, highlighted in museum astronomy exhibits and appeared in the IMAX/Warner Bros. motion picture production named Hubble 3D. Rogelio's talk at the 2010 Advanced Imaging Conference, ignited intense curiosity about his use of PixInsight for processing imagery.

Rogelio's images offer a fresh perspective to familiar wide field vistas that delight and often catch the viewer by surprise. His unique style has also had an influence on wide field pictures processed by other enthusiasts and thus has helped to transform our view of the heavens- truly remarkable achievements for such a short time.

Visit Rogelio's web site: Deep Sky Colors