Advanced Imaging Conference
2015 Hubble Award Recipient
Ken Crawford

Ken Crawford is one of the AIC founding fathers and is the organizationís former President. Currently, he serves AIC as the Board Chairman.

Kenís fascination with the night sky began early while he was still in 8th grade. By 2002 his interest reached new heights when he opened the Rancho Del Sol Observatory and eventually equipped it with a 20-inch research grade RC telescope with the latest camera technology. 37 of his deep space images have already been selected as an Astronomical Picture of the Day (APOD) and his pictures have also been seen in countless astronomical magazines, books and television documentaries.

Crawford has made serious contributions to science by working with an international team of professional astronomers who are investigating the evolution of galaxies through the discovery and analysis of ancient galactic merger remnants known as star streams. As a result, Ken has co-authored two peer-reviewed scientific papers published by The Astronomical Journal.

Ken also serves on the APOD advisory committee and has successfully advocated for the site to increase its use of amateur photographs.

Ken is a tremendous resource for fellow astrophotographers. His willingness to divulge advanced image processing techniques though private emails, phone calls, one-on-one training sessions, conference presentations and free DVD tutorials is legendary. Kenís remarkable willingness to share information, alone, qualifies him for the Hubble Award. Ken is one of the most energetic and effective evangelists for astrophotography.