Advanced Imaging Conference
2012 Hubble Award Recipient
Adam Block

Adam's life-long goal to be an astronomer began at the early age of 4 when his grandfather would show him the night sky over New England. After moving to Atlanta, his parents presented him with his first 4.5 inch telescope at age 9. A few years later, he attempted his first photographs through an 8-inch SCT. He experienced an epiphany during high school when he befriended the observatory director at Atlanta's Fernbank Science Center. Soon, Adam was a volunteer during the observatory's public nights.

Following high school, Adam studied astronomy and physics at the University of Arizona. He volunteered to operate Flandrau's 16-inch telescope for public viewing each week during his freshman year. He then became lead telescope operator for the Steward Observatory's 21-inch telescope on campus, presided over the University's Astronomy Club and helped install the club's 16-inch Newtonian instrument. For his efforts, Adam received an undergraduate teaching award from the University.

In 1996, after graduating from the Univeristy of Arizona with a bachelors in Astronomy and Physics , Adam was eager to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for the night sky. So, he commenced his professional astronomy career conducting public outreach programs and private astrophotography sessions at the National Observatory on Kitt Peak over a period of nine years. Since 2007, he initiated and continues to conduct one of the foremost public outreach programs for astronomy and astrophotography at the University of Arizona's Mount Lemmon SkyCenter outside Tucson.