Advanced Imaging Conference
2010 Hubble Award Recipient
Russ Croman

Russ lives in suburban Austin, Texas with his wife and three daughters. Professionally, Russ is a chip design manager for a local Austin company name Silicon Laboratories. His success as one of the world's leading astrophotographers can be traced to experiences from his past and the requirements of his career.

For example, while Russ was earning his Master's at Washington State University, he volunteered to take news and sports photographs for the student newspaper. During this period, he learned about image composition and other important concepts that worked in combination to produce better photographs.

The field of chip design requires a thorough understanding of physics and electronics. Modern IC's often have well over one hundred thousand parts and need constant attention to detail during their development.Leveraging the skills used to de-bug chip layout and keep mission critical projects on schedule also helped Russ diagnose and solve unexpected situations during a night's photographic session or when an image was being processed.

Russ was one of the original AIC Board members, serving from 2004 through 2006 as its Registrar. Much of our continuing success rests upon the hard work he selflessly contributed. He was also one of the first to recognize the value and overcome the challenges of operating a remote observatory located far from city light pollution. His Dimension Point Observatory, situated high in the south central Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico was equipped with a half meter telescope/ It was one of the first private fully-remote installations in that area and it helped lead the small stampede that has made Mayhill, New Mexico one of the world's leading astrophotography capitals.

Russ also helped popularize the use of mapped color imagery. His techniques are presented in Ron Wodaski's The NewAstro Zone System for Astro Imaging, which Russ co-authored. Pursuing his career as a professional integrated circuit designer, Russ nonetheless exhibits the aesthetic heart of a gifted artist- just a brief glance at Russ' images can evoke strong reactions from even the most jaded viewer. Many consider Russ to be the finest astrophotographer on the planet!

Visit Russ' web site at Russell Croman Astrophotography