Advanced Imaging Conference
2007 Hubble Award Recipient
Dr. Robert Gendler

With an interest in astronomy that dates back to his early childhood, Robert Gendler overcame incredible odds to become, what many consider, today's pre-eminent astro-photographer.

Totally self-trained, Rob began producing deep space pictures from a portable setup that he wheeled onto his home driveway. From this location, many of his most magnificent images were produced. Overcoming increasingly severe suburban light pollution was an ongoing challenge so he eventually moved his observing site to a remotely controlled setup located in the south central mountains of New Mexico. Recently, Rob expanded his list of imaging possibilities by opening a separate remote site in Australia.

Producing images that he describes as 'aesthetic', Rob's pictures have, nonetheless, graced the pages of innumerable scientific journals, magazines, books and web sites. For example, as of the end of November 2009, Rob's imagery had been featured on the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) web site an unprecedented 64 times! The APOD web page is the Internet's most frequently visited location for astronomical imagery featuring newsworthy pictures from orbiting space telescopes, far flung planetary robots and mountain top professional observatories.

Professionally, Dr Gendler is a full-time medical physician who practices Diagnostic Radiology at a major Connecticut hospital. He is also the author of numerous ground-breaking, reference articles on deep space image processing plus he has published two books.

Articles: Books: It has been said if the astro-photography community can be thought of as a choir, then Rob Gendler is the choir master.

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