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Since 2004 the Advanced Imaging Conference, the world's greatest gathering of astrophotographers under one roof, has helped attendees solve the riddle of producing more compelling images. The AIC also archived this information in a digital library of over 275 meeting presentations and over 40 hours of video tutorials delivered by the world's leading practitioners. Now, you can have exclusive access to this unique treasury of insider information that will shorten your learning curve and propel your astrophotographic skills skyward.

Astrophotography is one of the most challenging endeavors you will ever attempt.

It's often accomplished in isolation apart from family, friends or fellow enthusiasts. And because classroom instructional courses are very rare, astrophotography is often learned over time through a trial and error approach that requires perseverance, mountains of patience, serendipity and deciphering fragments of ad hoc advice obtained from online forums or through email threads.

You are not alone. Every astrophotographer, even the most seasoned expert, is constantly searching for answers to de-mystify the production of compelling, evocative images.

Magazine articles, books and DVDs can be a great source of information and advice about astrophotography. But, none of these resources approach the quality and quantity of information, instructional guidance and practical advice shared by the world's best astrophotographers when they speak at Advanced Imaging Conferences.

Since 2004, the Advance Imaging Conference has maintained a digital library featuring the best presentations from each meeting. This has been further enhanced by the addition of over 40 hours of live workshop videos that place you inside the room with the expert.

Organized by the conference year and cross referenced by topic, opening the door to this treasure-trove of higher knowledge only requires an AIC Digital Library Card.

Most of the world's most famous astrophotographers have shared their techniques and offered expert advice at AIC.

Learn astrophotography from the best and brightest!

The Advanced Imaging Conference Digital Library includes advice and readily usable information from many of the world's leading astrophotographers. Following is a small sample of the experts who have made contributions:

  • Rogelio Bernal Andreo, acclaimed astrophotographer and AIC Pleiades Award recipient
  • Adam Block, one of the world's greatest astrophotographers, program coordinator/principal speaker at the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center and AIC Hubble recipient
  • Dr. Robert Gendler, one of the world's greatest astrophotographers, author and AIC Hubble recipient
  • Christopher Go, the famous producer of planetary images rivaling pictures returned by space craft reconnaissance missions
  • Tony Hallas, one of the world's most renowned astrophotographers, lecturer, columnist and AIC Hubble recipient
  • Warren Keller, renowned astrophotographer, lecturer and author
  • Terry Lovejoy, the world famous Australian comet hunter
  • Stan Moore, noted astrophotographer and author of the CCD Stack image processing application
  • Martin Pugh, consistently on everyone's short list of the world's greatest deep-space astrophotographers
  • Ron Wodaski, considered by many to be the father of modern amateur digital astrophotography, lecturer, author and AIC Hubble recipient
  • Accelerate your imaging skills.

    Are you satisfied with your astrophotographs? Would you like to improve the quality of your exposures, increase the efficiency of your image processing skills and create more stunning pictures?

    Consider how much you have invested in astrophotography hardware and software. For a fraction of that cost, the Advanced Imaging Conference Digital Library Card will enable you to take greater advantage of the technology you already own.

    For only $250, the Advanced Imaging Conference Digital Library Card will provide you with the information needed to produce images that will boost your confidence and increase your sense of accomplishment- regardless of your current expertise level.

    Image courtesy R. Jay GaBany

    Bring out the best in your deep space and planetary imaging

    The Advanced Imaging Conference packs a tremendous amount of information into each three day meeting. However, like trying to drink from an open fire hydrant, the amount of material released at each AIC can be somewhat challenging to absorb during the event. That's why the Advanced Imaging Conference created the digital library.

    Now, anyone with an AIC Digital Library Card can review and digest a vast wealth of tips, techniques and advice that will shorten your learning curve and improve your astrophotographs at your convenience.

    This includes answers to questions such as:

  • How do I reveal fine details without over-sharpening my images?
  • How do I increase color saturation without over doing it?
  • How can I improve my local seeing?
  • How do I process my images using the latest applications?
  • How do I bring out faint structures?

  • Couldn't attend AIC 2017? This is the next best thing!

    The cost of an AIC Digital Library Card is $250.

    Your AIC Digital Library Card will give you access to every presentation and video tutorial in the AIC Digital Library from now until the next AIC taking place at the San Jose Convention Center November 15-17, 2019. This includes all of the presentations and full-length workshop videos from AIC 2015 and AIC 2017- totaling over 40 hours! These videos place you in the audience as a virtual attendee!

    AIC 2017 attendees will receive an AIC Digital Library Card at no charge.

    If you attended AIC 2017, you will automatically receive a free AIC Digital Library Card. This card will be effective until the next AIC taking place at the San Jose Convention Center November 15-17, 2019.

    The Advanced Imaging Conference is not just for advanced imagers or deep space astrophotographers. Many of the presentations in the AIC Digital Library are focused on helping hobbyists with beginner and intermediate skills.

    And, the AIC Digital Library is not just for deep space imagers. It also includes presentations, workshop videos for producing superior planetary, solar, and cometary and TWAN style pictures.

    So, whether you are brand new to the hobby or have been producing images for over a decade, the AIC Digital Library offers information and advice that can dramatically improve your next astrophotograph.

    Warren Keller conducting a PixInsight workshop at AIC 2013.

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