Board of Directors

R. Jay GaBany
Pres & CEO

Ken Crawford

Keith Allred
Secretary & Legal Counsel

Chris Murray
Treasurer & CFO

Frank Barnes III
VP Sales and Technology

Bob Fera
VP Administration

Warren Keller
Board Member

Jim Goodenough
Board Member, Webmaster

Rob Chapman
Board Member, Publisher

Dr. Bob Caton
Sr. Director-Exhibitions

Joel Hagen
Director-Astronomical Displays

Hope Brost

Taylor Brost
Logistics & Security

Established in 2004, the Advanced Imaging Conference, Inc is a non-profit California organization operated by a team of astro-photography enthusiasts. The all-volunteer, non-compensated Board of Directors is also assisted by a talented staff that helps make each conference possible. AIC's intent is to nurture, gather and disseminate information about the production of high-quality astrophotographic images; to enlarge the size of the global astrophotography community; improve the ability for astrophotographers to make scientific contributions and increase the general public's awareness and appreciation of non-professionally produced astrophotographic pictures.